When the chocolate becomes an artwork 

When the chocolate becomes an artwork 


By Chiara Figueroa

Easter 2018 … when the chocolate becomes an  artwork


For lovers of exceptional pieces, La Maison Ladurée offers a unique creation with Joe Milk and his baby rabbits in a decor 100% chocolate, amazing and greedy www.laduree.fr

Eggs filled with praline and plain chocolate Easter sea-themed fishes and shellfish. Original and mysterious creations that appear to have been carved, sculpted and hand crafted, evoking the delicate artisanal chocolate of the Manufacture. An original Pierre Tachon creation. www.lechocolat-alainducasse.com

The 200g Armani/Dolci Spring egg is decorated with the iconic Armani letter “A” in contrast. You can choose between two delicious classics: extra dark chocolate 75% or milk chocolate. www.armanidolci.com

Egg made of dark chocolate or milk, roasted almond chips, generously garnished with delicious chocolates and pralines. www.chezbogato.fr

From Pasticceria Cappello you will find many delicious chocolate sculptures for adults and children! www.pasticceriacappello.it

ORANGE CHOCO-FISH Milk chocolate fish with an assortment of milk and Dulcey chocolate candies. www.gourmand-croquant.com

Canard Jaune “Mon Chou” Good white chocolate (88%) containing whole milk powder, cocoa butter, a little sugar, the natural aroma of vanilla and the lecithin of soy already present in the chocolate.And to finish the recipe , a blend of white chocolate, cocoa butter and yellow dye for color! leclairdegenie.com

A mixture of Bunny & Blossom and Easter Eggs & Blossoms cupcakes comes presented in a beautiful Peggy Porschen Cupcake Box. Contains Carrot & Lemon and Chocolate Heaven Cupcakes. www.peggyporschen.com

A new ode to art and sculpture by Pierre Hermé. This year, under the apparent fragility of an artfully cracked shell, hides the pizzazz of a glittering egg; the Fragments egg, a de-structured work with a remarkable aesthetic. By eliminating the superfluous, Pierre Hermé has created a dynamic and striking egg with a polished surface, interpreted in Pure Origin dark chocolate from the Xibun plantation in Belize with 64% cocoa, the signature milk chocolate of the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, and in blond chocolate with toasty notes of biscuit. www.pierreherme.com