4 Female Beauty Concerns and How to Combat Them

4 Female Beauty Concerns and How to Combat Them


They say beauty is only skin-deep, yet we all want to feel our best and present ourselves attractively. Despite that so many of us spend time each day caring for our appearance, it often feels like women bear the brunt of the world’s cosmetic ailments, especially during times of stress. Luckily, many of these commonplace beauty complaints have easy fixes, while others can be prevented entirely. Here are four of the most annoying female beauty concerns and how to combat them.

The term cellulite refers to the dimpled areas of skin that some people (particularly women) have on their hips, thighs and buttocks. It’s a common and totally harmless change in skin appearance, but some women are bothered the way it looks. The easiest way to get rid of cellulite is to use apple cider vinegar every day on the skin as if it were a lotion. Instant coffee and horse chestnut tincture are also known to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Other treatment options include dietary supplements like fish oil and soy lecithin, massage treatments and laser therapy.

Excessive Sweating
Sweating is a natural bodily function that we all need to keep us from overheating, but it can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing if it happens a lot. While you might expect to sweat when you’re running or doing yoga, it’s another thing entirely to sweat all the time, even when you’re not feeling warm. It’s important to note that some women simply sweat more than others, especially during menstruation; it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. However, Hyperhidrosis (the medical term for too much sweat) can severely affect your life and confidence, which is why many people with the condition choose to have Botox treatments under their arms to stop the flow of sweat. If you feel that excessive sweating is having an impact on your life, talk to your doctor about possible treatments.

Cold Sores
Getting a cold sore before a big date or interview is less than ideal. They may be common skin complaints, but their appearance can seriously affect our confidence, and they can be painful. Stress, tiredness and excessive sunlight exposure can all cause cold sores to flare up, so try looking after yourself better and wearing a high factor sunscreen to prevent them from cropping up in the first place. Once a cold sore develops, however, there is little you can do to minimize its appearance, other than control the spread with a medicated cold sore patch and try not to touch that area of your face. If you’re prone to getting cold sores, talk to your doctor about possible long-term treatments, or buy an over-the- counter preventative cream.

Split Ends
Split ends are the enemy of any sleek hair-do, but fortunately, they can be avoided. There are many lifestyle factors that can lead hair to become damaged and split, including excessive heat drying and styling, overuse of chemical treatments and even washing your hair too often. The most effective ways to treat split ends are to go for regular trims at the salon and make sure you condition your hair at least twice a week.