Around the world with Louis Vuitton City Guide

Around the world with Louis Vuitton City Guide


With an established catalog of 29 cities in both print and digital versions, the Louis Vuitton City Guide has established itself as the indispensable companion to the discerning traveler.

This year, new voices offer an entertaining and unexpected look at the cities they love, such as the film director Takeshi Kitano in Tokyo, the architect Dominique Perrault in Paris, the designer André Fu in Hong Kong, the artist Camille Walala in London,
the curator Nancy Spector in New York and the actress Miranda Otto in Sydney.

A unique trailblazer highlighting the latest trends, each guide speaks as readily to flâneurs as to business travelers, or even local residents: there are palaces and charming boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants and neighborhood bistros, popular markets and fine épiceries, antique shops and designer hubs, museums and boutiques, key monuments and secret spots… Practical information on getting around, events, historical and must-see sights, and how to live like a local, along with suggested books to read, movies to see and songs to listen 
to before or after your trip.

To capture the heart and spirit of each city, Louis Vuitton reaches out to journalists, writers, major figures in the world
of arts and letters, many of whom divide their time between two cities and whose work often appears in the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. Their contributions joined with those
of artists, businesspeople, creative geniuses of various stripes, all backed by the authority and experience of Louis Vuitton, make each City Guide a publication like no other – original, offbeat and invaluable. Bursting with curiosity, cosmopolitan, irreverent, playful and literary, each guide reflects the personalities of its contributors. All of them are astute observers of life and wear their vast cultural knowledge with ease and elegance. They have the rare gift of being able to appreciate both the frivolous and the essential, seeking out what is truly magnificent in the many little pleasures each city has to offer.

Louis Vuitton has operated its
own publishing house for some eighteen years and today offers
a catalog of more than 80 titles, including three collections focused on travel, the “City Guides”, “Travel Books” and photo books “Fashion Eye”. Louis Vuitton also produces a series of richly illustrated volumes in association with several international publishers as well as art books, in limited editions signed and numbered
by the artists, exclusively for sale
at Louis Vuitton stores.