ISSEY MIYAKE presents a new series of corsages “FLORIOGRAPHY”

ISSEY MIYAKE presents a new series of corsages “FLORIOGRAPHY”


“There are times when we feel speechless even when our hearts are full. Maybe it is time to take a deep breath, and express your feelings with a flower. This imaginary flower is like a bud without name. Send it to someone you care about and may your handwritten letter become the language of the flower.”

The holidays’ season is the time to devote thoughts to beloved ones. Sometimes flower could say even more than words. Why not to try it?

Phrases like “DO YOU REMEMBER?”, “WARMTH”, “SUNSET” and etc. are printed on the accompanying card. Your message will gently wrap the floral bouquet. Imagine the beautiful smiles of your family and friends, receiving that original flower message!

Brooches and earrings will recall floral motifs in red, silver, and gold colors. Imaginary flowers were made using the original Steam Stretch fabric by ISSEY MIYAKE. By applying hot steam to a fabric box, the latter folds create the three-dimensional shape of the fabric.