Ray-Ban debuts new campaign shot by Steven Klein

Ray-Ban debuts new campaign shot by Steven Klein


Ray-Ban debuts new campaign shot by Steven Klein

Ray-Ban is celebrating its 80th anniversary and to mark the occasion, the iconic eyewear brand tapped photographer Steven Klein, illustrious in his own right, to shoot its new 2017 campaign featuring Ray-Ban’s classic sunglass shapes with a new spin.

Newer styles are also featured in the campaign, including the Ray-Ban Ja-Jo, Ray-Ban Blaze and Ray-Ban Dean styles.

Ray-Ban Ja-Jo

Ray-Ban Blaze

Ray-Ban Dean

Featuring stunning shots, the campaign captures the moment in which the protagonists shake off the past to liberate themselves, realize their potential, and set themselves apart without ever turning back. Models ranging in age, and including both men and women, wear historic Ray-Ban styles, such as the timeless Ray-Ban Aviator, the evergreen Ray-Ban Clubmaster, the re-launched Ray-Ban General.

Ray-Ban Aviator

Ray-Ban General

“The campaign is about diversity and individualism,” said Klein.

“The whole concept of the campaign is based on creating the world where people are leaving one world, entering another world based on the idea of never looking back. One of the great things about doing this campaign was that it felt authentic in the sense that whoever wears Ray-Ban takes on their own identity and the glasses do not wear them.”