“Butterfly of Paradise”: the garden of Ziad Nakad SS17

“Butterfly of Paradise”: the garden of Ziad Nakad SS17


“Butterfly of Paradise”: the garden of Ziad Nakad SS17


For his second Haute Couture collection, Ziad Nakad chose the Westin hotel in Paris to present the garden of his SS17 collection inspired by summer symbols : butterflies and flowers.

Each silhouette sparkles, flourishes like a flower in summer. The lightness, frivolity and delicacy of the butterfly are transcribed in the laser cut dresses and adorned with sumptuous embroideries. The butterfly is transformed, evolves, changes shape through wide or narrow cuts, short or long ones. The waist asserted with belts and butterflies are as carved on the dresses by embroidery of Swarovski stones.

The summer palette remains soft and pastel, composed of salmon pink, sky blue and honeyed gold beige.

The magic of the garden of Eden reaches its apogee with the appearance of a sumptuous bride with an extra-voluminous dress embroidered with embossed butterflies.

A new collection orchestrated by extreme elegance and high-level technical know-how.


Anaelle Coulon