Why Sustainable Fashion is Hot Right Now


Why Sustainable Fashion is Hot Right Now


Fashion has a hot topic throughout the world for centuries, but in recent times, trends have been taken to a whole new level and not just in terms of the visual aspect.
Many people turn to clothing to make them feel great about themselves, but for others, it’s simply a necessity that isn’t really thought about. Yet, one thing is for sure; the severely damaging impact our life choices are making on the environment is bringing people together to make a change, which is why sustainable fashion is becoming an upcoming global craze.
If you want to know why sustainable fashion is one of the hottest topics right now and the reasons behind why people are supporting this movement, take a read of the pointers below:

It lasts longer
There’s nothing worse than purchasing a jumper and after just a few wears, notice that the hems are starting to fray, or stitching is coming  undone. Unfortunately, this is quite often the case when purchasing from most high-street stores. However, research has shown that purchasing clothing from dedicated sustainable retailers such as Statecashmere.com will ensure your garments last much longer due to their construction of organic, renewable fibres.

It’s great for sensitive skin
If you have always suffered from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, you know the struggle of finding clothing that won’t irritate you or cause you to break out into a rash. What’s great about sustainable fashion is that the clothing doesn’t contain any harsh toxins or chemicals. Keep an eye out for garments that have been created with natural dyes such as turmeric, indigo or onion shells if you are a sufferer of sensitive skin.

It has human-rights in mind
Gone are the days when individuals in third-world countries would work in harsh conditions to create clothing for us to enjoy. Brands who work under the Fair-Trade Act are now dedicated on making sure factory standards are high, so employees are working in safe and comfortable conditions and paid a decent wage. Purchasing from brands that support this movement means you can be sure you’re supporting a company who cares about the wellbeing of others, rather than just making a tidy profit.

It’s usually suitable for vegans
With more and more people turning to veganism, it’s no wonder that sustainable fashion is on the rise. Brands choosing to promote sustainability often prevent using the likes of leather and fur, however, some may even go as far as cutting out wool and silk from their list of materials. If you’re a passionate animal-rights activist, then investing in sustainable fashion means you can wake up every day not having to worry about the process involved in the making of your clothing.

It’s eco-friendly
Unfortunately, the fashion industry has its very own carbon footprint as a result of the chemicals and pesticides used to grow cotton and create toxic dyes for those vivid shades. Did you know that cotton requires a third of a pound of chemicals just to make a standard shirt? If not, you may wish to rethink the clothing you’re investing in and opt for garments that have been created from natural materials such as bamboo or hemp.

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