Looking for Love: Top Tips to Help You Get Back Out There

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Looking for Love: Top Tips to Help You Get Back Out There


Nearly everyone out there has experienced heartbreak in one form or another. If you’re lucky, it’s maybe as dramatic as your childhood crush not knowing your name, but more than likely there has been a relationship in your life that ended horribly and broke your heart right along with it.
These failed relationships can have some seriously devastating effects on how you live the rest of your life, but you cannot give up on love. Sure, your sense of trust might have been broken, but one relationship is not the rule, and you deserve to move on and find that perfect someone for you.
To help you reach this point, follow these top tips to help you get started:

Allow Yourself to Grieve
It is okay to grieve your relationship. When you get accustomed to having someone there, even if breaking up was for the best, it can feel lonely and strange not having them by your side. Remember all the good things about your relationship, but also learn from the mistakes. Allow yourself to grieve; you have lost someone close to you.

Start to Make Self Improvements
The period after a breakup is the perfect time to work on yourself and try to become a better person. Start new hobbies you were always interested in, become healthier, exercise more, and be braver. This isn’t to say your previous relationship stopped you from doing these things, but starting them now is a good way to move on and to be happy with yourself as a single person again.
Remember, self improvement can be mental and physical. You can:

  • Change your hair
  • Reinvent your style
  • Try something new
  • Speak to new people

However, be sure not go too far when changing yourself. After all, you are ‘you’ for a reason.

Brush Up on Your Dating Skills
Not all of us can flirt comfortably. However, there are many ways to improve your technique.
Firstly, practice. Head to the bar and try and have a nice conversation. Learn to read body language and see how people react to your flirting. Also learn to back off if the other person seems uncomfortable.
Secondly, get professional dating advice from a coach. They can help you navigate the dating scene, helping you find comfort in the situation. If you are a little rough around the edges, they can help smooth out the lines.

Thirdly, always be respectful. Flirt, but do not overstep the mark. If a person says they are not interested, bow out and move on. Flirting is about having fun, and rejection comes with the job. You will not be of interest to everyone, but that could be because they are in a committed relationship already.

Try to Have Fun
It can be beneficial to be upfront with your expectations, but remember to take it easy. Even if you let your date know you are looking for a serious relationship, but are otherwise very easy-going and fun to be with, there is no reason for them to be scared away. Dating is getting to know someone, having fun, and if there isn’t more beyond that then moving on.