10 Ways To Gain More Self-Esteem


10 Ways To Gain More Self-Esteem


Having a good level of self-esteem can make everything in life so much easier. It means you are more confident in your abilities, and therefore you try new things. This, in turn, will make you more positive and a lot happier. Since positive thinking has been shown to have a direct impact on your mental and physical health, your self-esteem clearly has a significant role to play in keeping you in good condition and allowing you to live your life to the fullest. Some people seem to be innately confident, but many others have problems with self- esteem. Here are 10 great tips on how to increase your self-esteem and enjoy life as much as possible from now on.

1. Be Mindful
Being mindful means really understanding more about ourselves, and listening to what we are saying to ourselves as much as possible. It could be that we engage in negative self-talk, telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough, that we could never achieve success, that nothing will ever go our way. When this happens, those negative feelings can make us feel down and persuade us not even to try anything because failure is sure to be the only outcome.
By being mindful and knowing when and how these self-doubting thoughts are occurring, we can switch them for more positive thoughts, changing our entire mindset and outlook on life, and improving our self-esteem levels. It is not an easy thing to do and will take much practice, but once you can do it, it will truly make a big difference to your life.

2. Don’t Compare
If you have ever looked at someone else’s and compared it to yours, with your own life seemingly lacking, you are inadvertently lowering your self-esteem. Every time you feel your own life is worth less than someone else’s because they have more than you, do more than you, seem to be more attractive or have better clothes or more money, your own self-esteem shrinks. In turn, this means you are less likely to strive for success or even try to change the negative things in your life, making your feelings of worthlessness a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your life is nothing like anyone else’s, and therefore there is no point in comparing it. There are so many factors that go into making a life including influences from friends and family, geographical location, likes and dislikes, even things that are tucked away in your subconscious, that not one person on the planet can possibly compare their life with yours, or vice versa. Concentrate on making your own life the best it can be, ignore what other people are doing, and your self-esteem will definitely grow.

3. Know What You Are Good At
Everyone is good at something, and therefore you need to find out what that is for you. There are so many options that it can feel somewhat overwhelming, but it is certainly possible to do. Start with thinking about the things you enjoy doing. What of those things are you best at? Is it singing and performing? Is it painting? Writing? Sports? Caring for others? Whatever it is, this is ‘your thing,’ the thing that you are good at. Working on this and building it to be either a much-loved hobby or a career, for example, will improve your self-esteem. If there is nothing in particular you can think of that you seem to be better at than anything else, it might just be that you haven’t found it yet. For this, you should take a look at all the evening classes, the weekend courses, or the free trial days that are running in your area and pick some to try. You will soon find something that not only do you enjoy but that you are inherently good at too.

4. Hypnotherapy

For some, it takes someone else to help them learn more about themselves and give them the boost in self-esteem that they need. A trained hypnotherapist can do this. Amongst many other things, hypnotherapy is often successfully used to encourage people to like themselves more, to try new things, and to be more confident in life. This will all boost your self-esteem. It is even said that past life regression hypnosis can give you more self-esteem because you become more aware of yourself both then and now, allowing you to work on the problem areas and be more mindful of the positive ones. Discover more about past life regression now.

5. Exercise
Exercise on a regular basis has long been known to easily and quickly improve your self- esteem. Exercising regularly means that you will see results in terms of your fitness levels, and perhaps weight loss as well. The better these results are, the more self-esteem you will gain. When you can easily measure your accomplishment, it is much clearer to see how far you have come, and this will keep you pushing harder and further, making you healthier all round. When you know your body is fit and healthy and you can achieve great things, why wouldn’t your self-esteem grow massively too? There are only positive things to come from regular, safe exercising, so it’s important to do it.

6. Be Kind
Something that many people may not necessarily equate with high self-esteem is kindness. However, when you are kind to other people and treat them well, in the way that you would ideally like to be treated, you will feel good about yourself. Although you will be acting out of goodness and because you want to help someone, and not just so that you can show off about how lovely you are, the byproduct of that is that your self-esteem will improve. Being kind has many benefits, and should never be taken for a sign of ‘weakness.’ Everyone needs help now and then, and if you can be the person to give it, then it makes sense to do so. In other words, if you can be proud of how you live your life and how you treat others, your self-esteem will rise, and you will achieve a considerable amount.

7. Be Forgiving
Following on from the idea of being kind is the idea of being forgiving. By holding onto anger and bitterness because of what someone else has done to you, you are only harming yourself and causing your own life to be diminished in many ways, including having your self-esteem reduced. You will be caught in a never-ending cycle of negativity and forgiveness is the only real way to get out of it. Forgiving someone, just like kindness, is not something to be ashamed of. It is a way of getting on with your life and being more positive again, which is all-important.

8. Silence Your Inner Critic
We all have an inner critic. It’s that little voice that tells us that we can or can’t do this thing or that. It can be incredibly destructive in your life if you let your inner critic continuously tell you that you are not good enough, or shouldn’t be doing something. It can damage your self- esteem to such an extent that you are afraid to try anything new at all. Silencing that inner critic will allow your self-esteem to grow once more, and give you more confidence. This silencing is not something that is easy to do, but it can be done by creating a phrase or word that you say (or think) whenever your inner critic starts ‘speaking.’ It will bring you back to the moment and allow you to readjust your thoughts.

9. Know The Benefits
Knowing what the benefits of better self-esteem are will help you to improve yours. Keeping these benefits in mind is a great way to start thinking positively when things are becoming tough in some way. This kind of motivation can be essential when things seem difficult, keeping you moving forward and looking to the future rather than languishing in the troubles of the present. The benefits of having more self-esteem will vary from person to person, depending on what you need to be more confident about. You might want to have better self-esteem so that you can be a good salesperson and bring in more money, for example, or so that you can go out more and enjoy your life. It might be that you want to be a good role model for your children. Whatever the benefits are to you, keep them in mind, and it will help you massively.

10. Make A List
There are few situations in life where a list doesn’t help, and when it comes to improving your self-esteem, a list can be hugely beneficial. Try making a list of the three main things that you like about yourself. It can be anything at all, either external or internal. Knowing that there are good things about yourself that you like will help you to feel better about yourself in general. You might even want to write more than three things because once you start, you find it difficult to stop!